About us

We are a group who are enthusiastic about Vintage model yachts. They can be the very large and impressive yachts, designed and built to a rule, for serious competitions or the toys that introduced so many of us to the sport.

We are interested in the people who designed and built them and the social situation surrounding them.

Members have racing yachts from the 1880s onwards, non class sailing models and commercial toys from the past. There are some replica boats built recently to old designs and a small number of new designs in the spirit of older styles.

Essentially, we define ‘vintage’ as being a boat no longer used for serious competition, so GRP boats and early radio controlled models are very welcome. It is, after all more than 30 years since the start of widespread radio sailing in the UK and GRP boats began in the mid 1960s. Although it has to be said that the great majority of our members are concerned with models of earlier times, with wooden hulls and cotton sails.

The VMYG was founded in 1987 and grew out of the research our Chairman Russell Potts was doing into the history of model yachting and the preservation of older styles of model yacht. It is now a national organisation with over 170 members. Our aim is to continue his work, to encourage and provide a framework, for the preservation and sailing of older boats; to foster the study, of the history of model yachting, as a sport.

We do this in 5 ways;
Sailing days, when we meet at various venues around the country.
Magazine, our highly regarded magazine, The Turning Pole, published twice a year if a little erratically.
This web site, contains a wealth of information that is constantly being added to.
The vast Knowledge of our members, the records and documentation held by them.
Access to information held by other clubs such as the USVMYA.

To become a member contact our Secretary. We do not expect you to already have a Vintage boat or to be deeply knowledgeable.