Vintage Class Rules

A brief history of the Rating Rules used by Model Yachtsmen in the UK by Russell Potts. This is very much 'work in progress' and comments from readers would be most welcome.

1881, The Tonnage Rules 10-Tonners etc.

1887, The Length and Sail Area Rule 10-Rater etc.

1896, The Linear Rating Rules 42LR etc.

1906, The First International Rule 8-Meter etc.

Also, there is the Second International Rule of 1920, the A-Class, the 36inch Restricted and the 50-800 or Marblehead. As it says above, this section is work in progress.

Current Class and Racing Rules

The current class rules and racing rules are available from the Model Yachting Association and will not be reproduced here.

The Racing Rules for Free Sailing can be found here (pdf file)

VMYG members can obtain information on obselete classes from the Chairman