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Vane Sailing School.
A series of articles that appeared in Turning Pole around 2016, for the complete new-comer to Vane Sailing.
Part 1 Vane Sailing
Part 2 Vane Sailng
Part 3 To be added soon

Associated with the above articles, were the designs for the Ezi-build Vane gear by Graham Reeves.
Ezi-build Vane Gear

Steering systems on model yachts.
Very informative but tend to get lost in the amount of detail.
Part 1 looks at general steering methods
Parts 2 and 3 look at various forms of vane gear. .
Vane Gear, part 1   pdf
Vane Gear, part 2   pdf
Vane Gear, part 3   pdf

Braine Steering system as used on yachts before 1950
Braine Gear


How to connect a steeply raked rudder to a Braine Quadrant Steeply raked rudders

Starting a single cylinder steam engine.
Steam engine pony motor

Making a simple stand for Star size boats.
Small Boat Stand

Details of metal threads.
Screw Fixings