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Rick Pond

Work on Rick Pond Work is due to start 1/04/10 on a significant improvement to the banks etc of the Rick Pond. The project entails cutting back the yellow flag iris, which has migrated significantly into the pond, gravel walkways around these in the water, as well as a gravel ‘starting bank’ across the top end of the lake in the water for free sailing starts towards the clubhouse. In addition stones, rocks and other obstructions are to be removed and the significant erosion formed inlets and bays infilled, to give a smoother outline locally. Start and finish lines for free sailing are to be permanently marked with short posts.

Full details here

A Class Racing on Old Newsreel Film

The British Pathé site contains lots of clips from old newsreels dating from the years before 1914 to the end of cinema newsreels. There are three short clips that cover A Class championships in 1937and 1939 at Fleetwood and 1960 at Gosport. The first is very short and also very silly. The other two are better and a useful vignette of what free sailing was like when it was the only way to go.

Fleetwood 1937

Fleetwood 1939

Gosport 1960


Newbury Model Boat Festival

VG member Keith Vas Musson has made contact with a group who sail various sorts of models on a lake in a public park in Newbury, adjacent to the Kennet and Avon canal. They are holding a model boat festival there on 30 July and have invited any VG members who are interested to attend. Details and riding instructions from Keith on 01256 882 129. Keith thinks that this may be a suitable venue for a Vintage day next year, so we would welcome opinions from anyone who does go.

Hampton Court Vane Day 2006

There is a report of this event on the Hampton court MYC website

Vane 2006

Retiring Secretary

Secretary of the vintage model yacht group receiving at Clapham pond precious things from the Chairman on the occasion of his retirement from post of Secretary. He is regarding a badge of great rarity (obtained remarkably for a fiver on ebay?) dating I believe from the fifties. Trevor, as an ardent supporter of the Small Boat Section within the group and who knows of these things, had never seen one before.

Full report to follow

Traditional Model Boat Lake Reopens

Wicksteed Park in Kettering Northants has reopened its Model Boating Lake after extensive refurbishment.The long established 80m x 25m lake has a concrete surround allowing launching and retrieve at any point. It has a dock and manoeuvring pontoon for scale boats and even a pylon base for tethered hydroplanes though there is no immediate intention to reintroduce this activity at present.

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The club has been reformed and offers reduced parking fees (£10 season ticket) to its members. Otherwise visitors have to pay normal parking fees of £2 - £6 per car although the club is negotiating special rates on regatta days. The fee covers entry to the 147 acre park which offers a fantastic day out for the family with lots to do for children. Club details from secretary Martin Dale

Two vmyg members have joined the club and it is hoped that some vmyg informal meetings may be held there as it it one of the very few places in the area where free sailing is possible. Most of our local waters are deep reed fringed gravel pits with steeply shelving banks.