2010 VMYG Events

A class BARIKA wins Howlett Cup.

Congratulations to Ray Hersee for a remarkable restoration.
Well done to second placed Mark Petrushkin owner and Chris Hayward restorer, for excellent work on 10R GREBE.

Ray with Barika on Re-Launch day at Hampton Court


Steady as a rock Barika finds her feet on her first board since her rebuild Sailing again on her original water, the Rick Pond


Gareth Morgan accepts the Howlett Trophy on behalf of an absent Ray Hersee, with runners up Mark Petrushkin & Chris Hayward and 10R GREBE

Pout Cup

Congratulations to Max Buttimer for winning the Pout Cup for vintage 10R yachts on 3/07/10
finally raced at Gosport.

At the Group’s main meeting of the year at MYSA Kensington on 4/07/10 attended by 30 or so
members, many travelling from afar to a Round pond choked with algae growth which
prevented any sailing, an excellent time was nonetheless had by all, discussing and comparing
notes, whilst viewing many interesting boats some only recently acquired. The meeting stayed
close to the clubhouse and benefited from the delightful aromas of the adjacent Italian Society’s
summer barbeque as well as discrete viewings of a recently acquired MYSA archive of
wonderfully presented original Admiral Turner blueprints.

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