Hampton Court

Chaz Howe Cup for Vane sailing, Part 1 for Marbleheads.

Excellent day, decent breeze for these older Marbleheads, a full Round completed and thus no need for averaging in the score sheet.

Conditions were cloudy, brightening later.  The wind initially from the SW around 8 knots resulting in a beat down the lake, later veered WNW increasing to around 13 knots before lunch and resulting in a brisk reach both up and down the lake.  Later the wind eased, direction unchanged.

Six boats made it to the line including Alan Oxlade whose cunning drop on tiller head servo enabled radio steering but not sheeting;  manfully he offered to accept zero scores whilst enabling the fleet to race without bye.

The boats were from a range of ages and lines, all heavy by modern standards, varied from large fin with integral ballast to thin fin and separate ballast.  Interestingly some older boats performed nonetheless very well, Vespa being a case in point.  In the end skippering counts!  In the concluding report of this 2 part series more details regarding the boats' designs will be included.

The scores below look flattering, but remember Alan gave away 25 points to the rest of the fleet.  Maximum possible individual score thus 30 points for the remainder.

Skipper Number Name Score
Anthony Warren K3819 Mystic II 20
David Mathers K1406 Vespa 18
David Bell 16
Martin Bandey K1218 Gallivant 11
Gareth Floyd K1294 Stolen Kiss 10
Alan Oxlade K625 Murmur 0

marblehead yacht
 The fleet assemble prior to the down wind reach.

Marblehead yacht
 Setting trim before being called to the down wind line.

Marblehead Yacht
 Vespa 1406 leading briskly on the downwind reach.

Marblehead yacht
 Over the line after an upwind board and resting on the boom.

Marblehead yacht
 Over the line and banked;  good settings make David Bell's job of recovery easier

Marblehead yacht
 Different ages, different lines.