Pictures from the Sailing Day at Clapham, October 2014.

To comemorate Russell Potts' time as founder and Chairman of the VMYG, the club completed his A Class yacht, Crusader.

Celebrants raise their Saumur Brut

Ready for the Presidential Launch


Restored as a mark of membership appreciation, Crusader returns to ex Chairman Russell Potts, who looks very pleased with the result.


John Gale’s beautiful recreation of Daniel’s Crusader and Ray Hersee’s wonderful work in completing her are apparent is this and the subsequent photographs.




Bill Daniel’s original beautiful lines recreated


Friends reunited:  good to see stalwart ex secretary Trevor Smith with Jeannie Howlett back again at the pondside.  Richard Howlett was of course joint founder of the VMYG with Russell

David Mathers' Sagitta, a Marblehead of 1937 did indeed sail as an arrow on her first time outing with David.

Above is Alan Oxlade's partially restored Marblehead, a Daniels boat from 1950s, probably Mosquito. Mounted at the stern is his experimental apparatus for radio controlling a Vane boat.

Several other interesting boats were there.