VMYG Meeting Basingstoke April 2005

In spite of the weather forecast for rain we did not see a drop and at times the sun broke through and with light airs a very pleasant day was spent by all who attended.

Paul Dean the Secretary of the Basingstoke Model Boat Club made us very welcome and provided tea and biscuits for our delight from a portable stove.

The Pond is ideal for our freesailers with only a small island and a couple of barley bails placed in such a way as to bring a little tension to the membership. Russell and new member Keyth Vass Musson had to borrow waders and rescue their respective charges from the clutches of the aforementioned obstacles.

Another new member John Snook and his delightful family arrived with a magnificent 'A' class yacht complete with certificate indicating that it was called "Long John" designed by John Lewis and build by Ken Jones, its sail number being K1251 and first registered 7th May 1988. John the new owner was appreciative of the help given by several members in rigging the yacht and explaining the secrets associated with the vane steering. In the light winds the yacht's progress could only be described as majestic.

Alistair Roach your new Secretary drove up from Somerset, not only to receive paperwork from Trevor, but also to try out for the first time his recently completed Southwold Beach Yawl made from the standard "Group" fibreglass mould as provided by VMYG member Ian Dunmore. The Yawl was finished to Alistair's normal high standard and as three yawls were present and this being the minimum number to allow competitive racing to be run, three races on the reach were carried out, the result of which are tabulated at the end of this report.

Since we saw him last, Alistair has refurbished his large "Fifie" and changed its colour scheme to red and white, and because it can now beat him across the pond a rudder with R/C control has been fitted. He also had his old favourite the large 32 inch "Skipper" yacht to which he has cleverly added extra freeboard which conceals a radio, batteries and rudder servo.

Patrick Naylor brought along two ladies, his wife Margaret and "Jenny Wren" his R/C boat, both of which enjoyed the unexpected sunshine.

Grahame Davis with a few of his exotic toy yacht collection which today included two "Roach" which have nothing to do with Alistair, they being originally manufactured in Littlehampton. "Stars" included two SB3 of different ages, an Indcol "Lady Pat", a 20" Skipper" and an "Alexander" in a "Bassett-Lowke" box, all highly collectable.

Trevor Smith exercised restraint and only brought with him his two "Alexander" for "Bassett-Lowke" (perhaps) yachts, his modified "Skipper" with Vic Smeed vane steering attachment and two "Stars" namely "Meteorite" and "Planet". His usual R/C rescue tug found favour with the children from John Snook's family.

David Sauterteig came with his usual collection of yachts and model boats covering the whole spectrum of the hobby and two dogs who did not seem to appreciate the goings on.

It was good to see Andy James again who enjoyed sailing his very much restored "Star" yacht, it certainly never left the factory in such superb condition.
Geoffrey Turner and his twin brother brought along a 15 inch "Skipper". This one I feel sure was made from the manufacturers kit for this particular yacht and had been decorated to the original builders taste. He also possessed a telescopic turning pole with a hook that could deal with a full size yacht.

Geoffrey also brought our Chairman to the pondside. Fittingly Russell had yachts spanning a large part of the history of model yachting and included a 1890 twin fin 10R named "Swallow", three Alexanders, "White Elf" of 1937, "Purple Heather" of around 1950 and "Heather Dew" another post war yacht, and of the same period a 20" Kyle-Craft. More modern was a glass fibre Schooner rig named "Tubbs" and a hard chine £20 purchase called "Rose of E-bay" complete with R/C.

Another new member Keyth Vass Musson had brought a number of toy yachts including a round stern SY7 "Star" and a rather nice "Ailsa", and a small yacht without sails which could have been an "Albatross". He also had with him a vane from a 10R called "Maygo". As Keyth said all his yachts were badly in need of a bit of TLC.

Tony Hatherall with his Schooner "Prospero" was much admired by those who had not seen it before and in the slight breeze performed with grace and good breeding as befitted a Daniels design.

Three Southwold Beach Yawls or Luggers were in attendance belonging to Alistair Roach, David Sauerteig and Trevor Smith. The rules state that this is the minimum number for racing and a maximum of three races to take place. (If 6 boats are in attendance then 6 races is the maximum). A point is awarded for each yawl you beat so for three boats the winner gains 2 points, second has 1 point and third none. If you are still paying attention the results are as follows:

Alistair 2 wins and 1 third = 4 points
David 1 win, 1 second, 1 third = 3 points
Trevor 2 second and 1 third = 2 points

These points are carried over to our next meeting.

Apologies for absence were received from Anthony Warren our new "Events Secretary".

All present commented on the fine condition of the pond and the surrounding amenities and hoped that we return next year for possibly two visits as the journey for most was quite easy until you get to Basingstoke when it is essential that a navigator with map and skill is sitting next to the driver.

Trevor Smith

Long John

An A boat from 1988 designed by John Lewis and built by Ken Jones. Now the proud possession of a new member, who bought it at an auction and had not owned a yacht previously. Nothing like starting at the deep end!

Alistair Roach's Peterhead Fifie. This is a glass hull taken off one of the older boats at Peterhead and has rudder only radio added. Alistair is looking to dispose of it to a good home, as it is too heavy for his bad back