VMYG Meeting Broomfield September 2004



A reduced size version of the XMUNA plan which appeared in the Turning Pole. This one has rudder only radio. I can't remember the name of the A really is very nice boat built by Sid Timms.

Bruce Prole's Marblehead. Bruce is trying to come to grips with the vane gear, but the very odd wind patterns at Broomfield don't help much.

A radio controlled one design boat from the 1970s. This is a Mickey Finn. The Hull is a Dave Hollom design, the rig was conceived by Eric Nuttall and the class had a brief existence as a competitive class. This example now belongs to Russell Potts. The one he had when they ere active had a number in the low double figures.

As well as his bootful of Star boats, Trevor Smith had brought the flagship of his toy boat fleet, a replica of a Marklin model from before 1914.

Just to prove that he's not only interested in serious model yachts, Russell Potts had brought along a recent restoration of a Triang tinplate model equipped with a more practical rig and new sails in Tyvek.