RICK POND 15 May 2005

Weed regrettably forced the abandonment of the match but in fact a most enjoyable informal free sailing day followed, enlivened by a jolly bunch from the VMYG.

The Sargasso sea comes to The Rick pond.

The glassy conditions and lowered water levels as part of the weed treatment process were trying for skippers despite occasional puffs, but the unbroken sun and clarity of the air more than compensated and leisurely lunches and champagne were the order of the day. At one point twenty or so large exhausted carp (and a small pike) were rescued from a nearby drying ditch and carried by human club chain to the Rick pond.


30" American Friendship sloop

This yacht is a most convincing scale model, extremely well detailed and proportioned. She also sails extremely effectively her full, stitch seamed sails reflecting the prototype. Built originally by Ian Sharpe in Barrow-in-Furness, she was a stage prop for many years and then last year underwent a major rebuild at the hands of Keith Bragge. She is owned by Michael Preece.

Lazy days

Dennis Moss's yellow Sweet retires with insufficient wind. In the far distance John Gales' 1922 Turner designed Sonata A boat rests awhile, her 1800 sq " of sail having sufficed earlier in the day.


Bruce Prole's nice 36R easing her way down the creek to the open water beyond. Originally built by Mr Pemberton of 71 Hoylake Road, Birkenhead and completed in March 1949. (inscription discovered written on the inside of the hull), she was much damaged, but is now a credit to Bruce's restoration.

John Gale's recently built Realistic 36R is planked in cedar.

David Bell's excellent 36R was built by him some time ago for the Pugwash races at Clapham…which then stopped. She has been re-rigged recently with a seriously tall lightweight suit and very nicely shaped panelled sails also by David.


1774 glides effortlessly through transparent water showing her tall rig making effective use of the light winds.

Sod's law; having weighed up the options, tried wading and finally launched the rescue boat, Bruce Prole's 36R decides to break free of the algae just as recovery approaches.


The John Lewis designed and Ken Jones built LongJohn on the water earlier in the day found enough breeze to put up a convincing performance. New owner John Snook received a crash course in vane sailing.

David Sauerteig's 36R finds the breeze and holds a steady course down the lake.

Report by Anthony Warren