VMYG meeting, Xmas on the Rick


Setting up as the snow melts; some decent 'shop made' boats and a Marblehead.

The day started with a sudden and pronounced snow fall; the earliest yachtsmen's white outlines in a white landscape on the lake's edge, remarkably and to our relief not frozen but rather, whipped up into short waves. Then white turned to grey and by early afternoon bright clear sunshine in a cloudless sky with a good breeze; fine sailing weather indeed.

The usual warmth crept up on one in the Clubhouse as more arrived and the stoves and the occasional glass had their effect. Soon the central table and the space about was full of intriguing boats, yachts, launches and toys and a buzz of earnest discussion. Interestingly it was the yachts rather than the mechanically propelled that made it onto the Rick pond though, proving I suppose that sailing boats are more dependable when it comes down to it! Through the day boats sailed free and by radio, with the occasional determined vane board. And below is your correspondent's chance selection.

More photos here. if you have any photos taken on the day do send them along to Gareth Morgan (on disc by preference).