This section is devoted to some of the people and places that marked the development of modern model yachts. Some of these articles first appeared in the vmyg periodical The Turning Pole

The Round Pond

A lug yawl, with the mizzen rigged with a lateen sail. A schooner with square headed yard topsails, typical of both model and full size practice of the time A conventionally rigged yawl a yawl or possibly a schooner with two lateen sails. A cutter heading out from the shore close hauled. A cutter running with a flat spinnaker set A cutter beating on the long tack of the lake

The picture above shows a scene at the Round Pond, Kensington in 1883.
Hover over the white sails for identification of the boat or click here for a commentary on the picture


Bill Daniels A Biography of William John Daniels who was a key figure in the development of Model Yachting in the UK.  
Arthur Levison A great craftsman and model yachtsman  
T Winter A Previously Unknown Victorian Skipper
MYRA Trophy A MYRA Trophy from 1913


Rick Pond Some pictures from the 1950's
Belvedere Boating Lake A puzzle solved

Finaly, an old photograph of a boating lake.

Can any one help with an identification?