e-bay Hull

Attached are a few pics of this lady I found... I would say she's obviously privately built, around 1900, and I'd LOVE some info on the three mast steps, those at the sternmost and nearest the bows being slightly angled back towards the stern... are we talking two sets of sails here? One being Bermuda and the other some kind of yawl/cutter setup with two masts?

Pretty, isn't she? And any ideas on someone to make up cotton sails for her? JB




Detail of e-bay listing: Old model boat hull. Weighted keel (lead?). Well made model in need of restoration. Looks to be complete from deck to keel. Is of plank construction and has brass fittings. Has been attic-stored for the last approx. forty years. This is quite a large item, measuring 53" long x 7"wide x 12" high from keel to deck. I would guess this model is approximately 1930s, but could be earlier. Amazing craftsmanship that needs to be rescued by an enthusiastic model builder Weight about 13kg. Fetched £255 August 2004

VMYG comment from Russell Potts: Probably late 19th century. The size suggests that it might be a 15 Tonner, if built to a Rule.

The multiple mast positions do suggest two alternative rigs. One would have been a single masted gaff cutter, the 'standard' yacht rig of the period for both model and full size boats. The other might well have been a yawl, like the one in our heading illustration. They were favoured by sailors on lakes where guying was an essential part of the game. You might like to try a latteen mizzen in the MYSA style. True Bermuda rig is unknown on models before 1914 and gaff rigs persisted well into the 1920s in a number of places and in a number of classes. There was one boat recorded as being provided with a so-called bermuda rig in the 1890s, but it was a tall sail with a miniscule gaff at the head, like the full size racing open boats of Bermuda.

Sailmakers among the VG membership are Ralph Nellist and Brian Wiles. Gareth Morgan reports excellent results from providing a professional seamstress with accurately cut blanks for her to hem and reinforce. You could have a go yourself, using Ralph's Guide as your vade mecum. See Curved Air Press list, access from the VG site.

It would be useful to have accurate dimensions, particularly waterline and displacement, to see whether she is to a class Rule.