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If you have a boat that you would like to identify please have a look at these boats to see if there is anything similar. If there is nothing to help, send pictures (a full side view is best), about 480 x 360 pixels please, plus boat's name or identification, background history and dimensions (inc. L.O.A.) to webmaster and we will try to help. The weight can also be helpfull.
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If anyone has any additional information on any of the boats we would be pleased to hear from you.

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Awaiting information.


Can you help us identify this yacht for a member.
55.5 ins long. Plank on frame construction.

Contact Geoffrey Turner or webmaster.

my96 Doris H

This is 50 inches long, so is a Marblehead class yacht.
First registered 1947.
Design by Bill Daniels for Lionel Wareham of MYSA.

It had a distinguished racing career,winning the Nationals in 1950, 51 and 54

my95 N/A A reduced Bill Daniel's design, Prospero.

my94 N/A A yacht from New Zealand

my93 N/A 36" Restricted, 36R 1930's my93
my92 N/A A twin fin 10-rater, 1900's
my91 N/A Schooner 1890's

my90 Spook Hard Chine 10R


my89 N/A 36R? Based on Babette?


my88 N/A 1930's commercial toy


my87 N/A 1930's commercial toy


my86 N/A Classic lines. Being converted to radio?


my85 N/A Unusual keel


my84 N/A Reduced size Prospero


my83 N/A Commercial - unidentified


my82 Sue Twin Fin


my81 Mary Classic Pond Yacht


my80   Probable 6 metre


my79   Chinese 'Star' copy


my78   Superior quality American toy boat


my77   40" ex USA via ebay


my76   30" Hard Chine - Tucker design?


my75   Gaff cutter C1920 with French ensign


my74   Sugg 31" Gaff


my73   Possibly 36R


my72   Gaff - nice deck detailing


my71 SonderKlass Builders model


my70 Rasheen Vane A Class




Velsheda 111 36" Falmouth boat


my68   28" ebay roughie


my67 Jodie 10R


my66   27" No history


my65 Heron 26" Bowman


my64 Sposa 24" carved from solid.


my63   22" Weighted rudder


my62   36" Plank construction


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