Hi, was wondering if you could help with this pond yacht that has been in our family (Falmouth originally) for years, it is now in my hands and have no restoration nohow and also no room here in my small bungalow so was thinking of selling it! No makers names etc. Metal keel, measures about 8" deep and has a heavy lead bulbous weight at the bottom. Overall length including bowsprit is 42". overall height from bottom to top of mast is 65". Sails are damaged but original cotton with mainsail having 36 IN and 869 on it. Any other details needed please email me as do not know what I should be telling you...have included pics....and look forward to any advise



VMYG Response:

The sail number relates to a 36R registered in May 1956 to L Polwin of the Falmouth club. Designed and built by her owner and called Velsheda III.

she doesn't look quite like a 36R to me, but you can never tell with an Own design from a club at the back end of Cornwall. I note that she has no steering gear, and what looks like a fixed skeg where I would have expected a rudder. Local Rules? We need to check that the HULL (less bowsprit) will fit the 36 x 9 x 11 dimensions and that the weight is under 12 pounds. I suspect that she may be too deep but we shall see. Russell Potts

Owner's comment

Wow, Thanks so much for getting back to me so quickly. (Don't bank on it folks - I do the website in batches so replies can take some time - webmaster!) am amazed at your quick response and the history etc you have given me. My hubby says the boat has a self tacking jib and there are numbers on the boom 1/10....means something but i didnt grasp what he said! No rudder was built this way and remember it actually sailing as a child!
The hull less bowsprit is 36x9x11 and the weight is just over 11 pounds.