my 95

I really enjoyed your website.
Please can you help me to identify this pond yacht I bought at a bootsale.
I would like to know what class it is,who made it and if it is worth restoring.
The yacht measures 39in from stem to stern.
Her beam (measured by the mast is 8in.
Deck to bottom of keel is 8in.The mast is 52in tall.
Her boom measures 21.5in.
She has a Bermuda rig.
Picture attached.
Many Thanks for your help,
Graham Thomas.

I think that your boat is almost certainly a reduced version of Bill Daniel's Prospero. The original dates from 1913 and was a schooner measuring 60 inches overall. She rated as 15-rater under the Length and Sail Area Rule, or as a 10-rater without her topsails. See the lines and sail plan attached.

The design was in print from then until well into the 1950s and many versions were built, including boiled down versions at 3/4, 2/3 and 1/2 size. The smaller ones were very usually rigged as sloops on the lines of the XPDNC rig attached. The fact that yours is bermuda rigged suggests that she is a relatively late example, certainly after 1930, when the 10 rater class started to go over to bermuda rigs.

Russell Potts