Hello: Here are some pics of a boat I found recently in a local antique mall. She's 29" on the deck x 7 1/4" beam also on the deck. The soldered brass telescoping tubing mast measures 33" . There's no ID on the boat. The hull is Spruce, construction is "the horizontal lift method". I have the impression that the hull is older than the rigging and sails. I plan to restore it as a static model. Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated. Bob Ochenas, ( I live near Toledo, Ohio, USA)



Russell Potts: I'm afraid I can't help much on exactly what it is, as toy boats, which this undoubtedly is, though a rather superior example, are poorly documented and my knowledge of US commercial producers is limited. I am however quite clear that it is a commercial product and is of US origin. The style of the fin is very typical and similar to boats produced by Jacrim in the 1930s, though the rudder form is not what I would have expected from them. I also don't know whether they produced anything as big as this.

I think you are right that the sails are a later revision. They appear to be made of nylon, or some similar synthetic and thus cannot be earlier than 1945, while the hull is, probably, before 1939 (or for you 1941). It is possible that the rudder is also a later revision to the original

My knowledge of US toys is drawn almost entirely from Don Kihlstrom's book Sunday Sailors (Paducah, KY, Turner Publishing, 1998) and I suggest that you contact him to see if he has any further thoughts. His email, is (or was, when I last had dealings with him). He is an antique dealer with a strong line in pond yachts.