I have been given the boat in the attached pictures to restore. She is a 36 with a fairly shallow hull and some classy fittings but she looks as though she has been butchered given the ghastly iron fin and crude bolted on lead ballast lumps! Perhaps she wasnt a good sailer in original form. I propose to fit her with a more conventional fin and lead to the same weight as the bodge. Does anyone recognise her and her provenance?


VMYG Comment:

I think this may have been intended to be like this from the outset. It might be a commercial toy, or a home brew from the 1920s. The fin form is rather similar to the cast iron keels used on a commercial range of the period. Some photos attached. Unless your client is particularly keen on changing the fin, I would be inclined to leave it as it is, possibly substituting more aesthetic lumps of lead.