See if you can identify this large pond yacht. It is five and half foot long has an internal handle for carrying and a leaded keel. It looks very professionally made.  I would be glad of a value if you can provide one and I can take more photos if you require them




VMYG Comment:

Now I have seen the additional photos, I am clearer about this. The construction is classic  wooden plank on bent rib construction. The new deck is what threw me originally. The fittings are a mixed bag and (on the assumption that they all belong to this boat) suggest to me that the boat dates originally from the Braine gear era, i.e. before about 1950.  The fitting in photo 4005 is  a tensioner for the cantering elastic, part of the Braine gear fit.  If she was originally a Braine steered boat, she would have had a fin and skeg arrangement something like Frolic, attached. On the other hand, the fitting in photo 9011 is the needle point top bearing for a vane powered rudder. This would have involved a different skeg and rudder profile. See Emperor. A lot of boats were converted to vane in the 1950s with changes to their appendages.


The current absence of any skeg suggests that you got her in the throes of yet another conversion to radio control which would have involved the suppression of the skeg and the use of a spade rudder. Et-RA is very different from your boat, but you will get the idea. Can I suggest you have a look at the underside of your boat for evidence that a skeg has been cleaned off?

The various bits of tubing 1002, 6008, 6009 suggest that she had a wooden mast originally, possibly jointed for ease of transport. (That dates her, before you just threw everything into the back of the car) and that she had at least two sets of shrouds, which she would need to hold a wooden mast straight.

All this does not get us much nearer identifying the design to which she is built and I doubt we shall be able to do this.