I have had this yacht up in my loft for 20 years my father was given it by his uncle who built it around 1940 he thinks .  The yacht is 58"  loa    12"   beam   12"  from the bottom of the keel to deck level and the mast is 83" long . It used to have Braine steering on it but it no longer has it.
I have no rudders or chainplates, rigging etc just a hull and mast and boom .  I would love to know what class it is as I'm redecking it over the next two weeks and I need to find measurements for rig and position of chain plates etc .



Russell Potts:

This is almost certainly an A boat. Do we know how much it weighs? That would make absolutely certain. There isn't a piece on the A Class Rule on the web site yet, but the current version of the Rule can be found on the ISAF site at The basic formula is unchanged, though the sail measurement methods are a bit more complex than they were in 1940.

If you are intending to restore the boat you really need to get hold of a copy of the classic text on the wooden boat with cotton sails which will tell you how it was done back then and how to get it right now. This is WJ Daniels and HB Tucker Model Sailing Craft. There are three editions, 1932, 1939 and 1952, any will do. Second-hand copies are usually available through ABEbooks but are expensive. Your local library will produce a copy in due course through inter library loan. If you need guidance on suppliers of bits and pieces or other things, come back.

Reply: At a rough estimate it weighs 24lb ish

RP: Thanks for this. 26 lbs is a bit light for an A. It might therefore be a 6-metre. The Rule is different, but produces a similar style of boat, though a bit smaller than an A.