my 90 Spook

Would it be possible please to try to ID this boat?
Hull is hard chine plywood probably from 50's or 60's and was built for RC
It is 62ins long has a beam of 8.75ins and a draft from wl to bottom of keel of 12ins
She weighs 7.1 kgs the vast majority of which is in the bulb
The wl is marked amidships and suggests that when at rest both the bow and the stern would be out of the water. Quite a radical design and very distinctive so I hope that someone recognises her


VMYG Comment:

I'm not absolutely certain, but I think she may be an example of Vic Smeed's Spook of 1979. The fin is slightly different, but there are very few 10-rater designs so starkly hard chine as this. I recall that Norman Curtis sailed one for a coup[le of years when the design was new, nut I don't think he ever did anything very spectacular with her. The cabin like structure on deck to accommodate the radio gear suggests that the builder was not in the mainstream of competitive sailing. I attach a scan of the Spook plan. A full size print should be available from MyHobbyStore, who now own the Model Boats company and its plans service.