Continued from MY62

22" Green and white
Length 22"
Beam 5.5"
Depth 8"
This is the least complete self-built model, and has only one of the original spars, but it is in pretty good repair structurally. I have both the original sails. It is a hollowed out solid hull, and I have the cover for the deck hatch. The rudder is a lead-weighted system. So I need to find/make a new mast and boom at the very least.


Continued on MY64


VMYG Response:


Another one that I can't give a decent origin to. Again probably from a non specialist source, as the use of a weighted rudder suggests. This system was common in the 19th century for all levels of sophistication in design, but apart from some toy boats, was totally superseded by the time these boats were built. The keel is pretty deep for this sort of boat. The weighted rudder is quite a sophisticated device in its developed form, with a range of interchangeable rudders of different sizes and weights