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24" "Sposa"
Length 24"
Beam 5.5"
Depth 8"

This is the most complete self-built model, and has all the original spars. It is a hollowed uot solid hull. The rudder is a lead-weighted system. The sails are original and were 'tanned' by a fisherman on the South Coast when my uncle went there on holiday as a boy (not really a thing for a sailing yacht I suppose). The 'tanning' is coming off the sails as red powder. My uncle named this one Sposa after the eight-metre yacht owned by Sir Ernest Roney (he owned two eight metre boats if you can believe it)who lived in Wimbledon and was a friend of his father.

The deck is painted/varnished (and the planking is just drawn on) and is fixed onto the hull with a few (rather large) screws. The mast doesn't quite fit into the hole in the deck anymore. Not surprising after seventy years I suppose. The mast has the original metal rings around it for attaching the mainsail. The lead keel is held on with a couple of screws which are a little loose, but the rudder is in worse condition. The main keel seems to be coming away from the main hull and needs fixing. It also has the original stand.


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VMYG Response:

These boats all look very alike, though of different sizes. I begin to wonder whether they were designed by the builder, as they have such a family resemblance. With boats as small as this, the loose lead can best be fixed by injecting epoxy adhesive or plastic padding into the crack and fairing it up.