Continued from MY64

26" Heron by Bowater
Length 26"
Beam 5"
Depth 8"

This model is practically complete, just without the main rigging lines. Of course all the fittings are rusted and corroded. The mast comes in two pieces, with a metal sleeve to align them. The mast is a little warped at the bottom, but not too badly. The rudder has come off the shaft at some point and been repaired (back to front I think) with epoxy glue. The main keel is steel and has two extra steel plates which have both come off, but were originally glued together. The deck varnish is in solid, but somewhat stained, and I am thinking of replacing it, although that would probably result in the loss of the manufacturer's decal which might not be such a good idea. The
sails are the flimsiest of all the boats, and look like very simple triangles of muslin. Although I suppose this model may be the most "valuable", it is actually of the least interest to me, as it doesn't have the same "family history" that the other three do. It would be nice to fix it up though.



VMYG Response:


Well it's a Bowman. Not much to say about it. Glue the loose keel pieces back with epoxy. Make some new sails and renew the rigging and you're there. In the sense that the vulgar market knows what they are I suppose the Bowman is more saleable, but it's never going to be as interesting even without the family connection.