my 92

I've just fallen heir to this pond yacht - may I ask for your assistance in identifying it and any other info you are able to offer.
The hull is around 70" in length and in total measures 78" from the bottom of the keel to top of the mast. The hull at widest part (you can tell I'm no expert) measures 11"
Thank you


VMYG Comment:

Russell Potts

Thanks for the sight of these. I think that what you have here is a hull dating from the late 19th century, or very early in the 20th. A twin fin 10-rater. See the page on our web site at Or just possibly a 15 rater, as she is very big for the period..
But she has had a major make over at some later stage and her rig and deck layout and fittings are much more characteristic of the late 1920s or even later. The Braine gear must be after 1904 and the very long jib rack and mast slide are very much what you would find in a mainstream model of the interwar period.
The original rig would have been a gaff main and one or two headsails. The present low bermuda rig only comes in for models in the 1920s and 10-r tend to be late in abandoning the gaff rig. Incidentally, the jib is the wrong way round. The best source of information to restore the boat to its original (i.e. 1030s) style is Daniels and Tucker Model Sailing Craft 1932, 1939 and 1952. Any edition will do. Your local library, if you still have one, will find a copy for you.