Picked up this roughie on Ebay, would like to restore it if I can find some info. From bow to stern is approx 32".Could be home made looking at what remains of rigging and mast, yet hull and rudder seem to be professionally made.
Perhaps the result of an accident?



VMYG Response:

I think this is probably a commercial hull, though I don't know its origin. The rudder attachment looks a bit belt and braces and hardly engineered for rapid production; it might be a later alteration by the owner. I think that the steering gear is a Braine gear, the photos are not too clear in this area.

There seems to be enough of the rig and spars left to recreate the rig, with new sails if necessary. Depending on how much background the enquirer has, he may find Jack's Guide and the Bassett-Lowke 'How to Sail Your Model Yacht' useful.