I wonder if you can possibly help me- I acquired the hull in the photographs from an antique dealer in Southwold, Suffolk. The hull length is 31.25 inches, beam 5.75 inches, height 8 inches, weight just less than 10lbs, due mostly to the substantial lead keel. Black topsides, green below the waterline with what looks like a hand painted boot-top in red. Someone has written "1920" in pencil on the bottom of the hull inside, although I suspect this has been done recently. There are no deck, fittings, spars, sails or rudder.

My intention is to restore a close as possible to the original rig, which I expect was a gaff cutter rig. The model is similar in appearance, although about 50% longer, to the Paxton II model shown on your website restorted by Russel Potts, and I am sure that a schooner rig would also look very elegant. I would appreciate any information you can give me on the likely origin of the boat, and any pointers as to how it was rigged. Examples of the rudder and steering mechanism for boats of this type would be helpful.

VMYG comment

The boat is almost certainly a Sugg, you will find several references to Suggs and pictures of various models on the website using the search facility, this is the main one.