Please find enclosed 3 photos of a Vane A-Class yacht first Reg in 1967 with the number 848 under the name Vera, then re Reg with the name Romona, last Reg in 1971 with the name Rasheen.All this time the boat was reg by Leeds & Bradford. At present the boat is been restored unfortunately the fin and lead are missing.
I would like to identify the design if possible ,so a correct fin and lead can be made. The measurements for the hull are overall lenght 80ins, beam on deck 15ins, lead attachment point is 23.25ins long with a keel width of 2ins wide.

The boat is looks like Commando or Top Hat , but the measurements don't fit. I have been told it could be a Jill but I have no drawing for that boat.

Your help would be grateful and I thank you for your time.



VMYG Response: We are contacting owner direct to deal with the specific queries.