40" hull which I bought on ebay from the USA. I fell for the lines of the hull!
40" long
9" wide
8" deep deck to keel
I wondered if these dimensions correlate to a specific 'class' or not?
The deck has no sign of ever having a mast stepped on it, (except possibly 2 small screw holes where you might expect the mast to be). I suspect that the mast would have been 'deck-mounted'. The rudder mechanism looks like it must be a very early or rudimentary self steering gear, but I've not seen anything like it before.


VMYG comment

I don't think this is a class yacht. The style is very US 1930s, but the very simple sheet to tiller gear is not good enough for serious competitive sailing. Deck stepped mast, as suggested. Bermuda sloop rig, not too tall as the hull does not have a lot of natural stability. Russell Potts