my 91

I hope that you may be able to advise on the attached. Restored by me 20 years ago.

Length overall 1550mm
Height overall 1500mm
Depth 270mm
Beam 255mm

Carved from solid, full length lead keel, lined plywood deck. Deck edged with rosewood.


VMYG Comment:

Russell Potts
Not a great deal I can say about this one. The hull looks to be late 19th century, but almost certainly not to one of the recognised racing classes of the time. Too broad for a '1730' Tonnage Rule boat. The schooner rig rules out anything else.
Well preserved and the rig is probably fairly close to what she would have carried originally, though I would have expected the foresails to have been led from rather lower on the mast, probably at about the height of the gaff jaws.