Family yacht

I wionder if you could help me .I am trying to find somebody or some organisation who could restore an old Sailing Yacht that has been in my Family for over 70 years. I would like to take it out on a local pond with my grandchildren in Sheringham Norfolk. We have the Hull which is made of wood with a lead keel.

Length 27 inches, beam 6 inches, depth including keel 8.5 inches.

Boat is hollowed out to about 3 inches and the rudder is still in place.PJC

Reply from Anthony Warren:

I have found a boat which looks very much like yours but from your one shot it is difficult to be certain. The boat I illustrate as being of the same family is a post WW1 Sugg 21" jib topsail cutter. These were manufactured in different lengths to suit different pockets. At 27" long o.a. yours would have been substantial and at the top end of the range.

The striking similarities are in general proportion and shape especially in the bow and rudder details. Your own deck looks thinner than Meteor's but may have been a later version in which construction spec was further reduced in pursuit of reduced manufacturing costs.

Look for remaining traces of the characteristic Sugg paint scheme and fittings to further confirm (or deny) the hypothesis.

Comment from MJ

Thank you for this. I am quite sure that you are correct. There are numerous points of agreement, most notably the original paint scheme (under the green gunk) with the varnished underside with painted leadwork (or is it all cream paint?) and the black sheerline with a red edging to the deck. All the deck fitting fixing holes are in the same place though there are no fittings at all and everything matches.

An article on the manufacturer Sugg will appear on the website shortly


Restored Yacht

Here is the restored boat. Colours not as original but the result is quite pleasing.