American 36"

This query comes from a member of the USVMYG

I recently purchased the model yacht shown in the attached photos. The hull is of bread and butter construction with lead ballast and the deck is of one piece of wood.

LOA = 36 inches
LWL = 30 inches *
Beam = 9 inches
Draft = 8-3/8 inches *
Weight = 10.5 lbs.
* If the waterline is painted correctly.

Mast is stepped to the hull through the deck and located 13-1/4 inches aft of the bow

The foot of the main and jib are laced to the booms. Foot and leach roaches are ½ inch. The main luff is attached to a jack line. Both luffs have bra hooks sewed to the sail.

Luff = 44 inches
Leach = 45 inches
Foot = 9 inches
Measured sail area = 418 sq. in.

Luff = 34 inches
Leach = 30 inches
Foot = 12 inches
Measured sail area = 178 sq. in.
Total measured sail area = 596 sq. in.

Standing rig consists of one pair of wire shrouds adjusted with wood bowsies and without spreaders. There is a backstay. There is no boom vang and the jib is pivoted ½ inch from the tack.

I would be most appreciative of any information you might be able to provide concerning this model yacht. - JF

Further information from JF

Earl Boebert (USVMYG) thought it was most likely of English origin and that explains why I sent a request your way. The following is the comment I received from Earl, "It's almost certainly a "Midge," a UK 36 inch Restricted design from Daniels and Tucker's "little" book, "Model Sailing Yachts" or "Build Yourself a Sailing Yacht."

VMYG preliminary answer. Almost certainly, as Earl suggests, a 36R of English origin. The hull looks to be a Midge or something very similar, but the sail plan is lower than that of Midge, by quite a bit. Conceivably this is the second suit, the top suit having rotted away over the years. The second suit having been kept in a sail bag will have survived much better. But even the second suit dimensions for Midge don't match this boat exactly, so I'm not absolutely sure. - Russell Potts

From Graham Reeves who recently restored a Midge to go to the US for their exhibition at the Museum of Yachting:" I reckon she is a Midge"

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