Gaff Yacht

Nothing much known about this one but it is reputedly about WWW1 period.

Hull = 5ft 1¼ inch long, Width = 12 inch, Depth = 12 inch.

Sail measurements in inches

VMYG identification by Russell Potts

My initial reaction is that is is a 10 rater and the date sounds about right. I think that none of the sails now associated with the boat are anything like what she would have carried originally. Depending on her date, if she is a 10, she would have had Solent rig, as in the Rules material on LSA Rule boats, or later, after about 1930, a bermuda sloop.

From the deck view she appears to have a second mast aperture, so that she could be rigged as a schooner. In fact the more I think about it, I think she is a boat to Prospero's lines. The LoA is right and the profile is very similar. If she is a Prospero, the displacement should be 20 pounds, after making allowance for the rig, which will be at least a pound and a half, as there are two of everything. The structure weight including rig on the original as only 5 pounds, but very few other builders managed as good a job of weight control; as Bill Daniels.

Prospero rated as a 15-rater with her topsails and as a 10 without them.


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