Cornish antique

Can you identify this for me please? Its on sale at a local antique dealer but may well be overpriced at £120 unless it can be identified.

Thought to have been made here in Cornwall in the 1920`s

Bread and butter construction or carved from a solid block as far as I could see.
1/4" solid pine deck. screwed down to hull.

LOA 30" Beam 7" Deck to bottom of keel 9 1/2" Mast 36" from deck 14" back from stem.

Bermuda rig with masthead jib cotton sails both roughly the same size No 21 on mainsail printed on one side only.

Lead ballast keel dovetailed onto wooden keel of the hull. "rudder" or extension is fixed.

No boom rigging or fittings


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