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Can you help me with the latest addition to my fleet?

LOA 39" ; Beam 9" ; Keel to deck 10" ; freeboard midships 3 1/4" approx; waterline length 33" aprox; Mast hieght 53" above deck.

A terrible paint job but sappears to have been both red and green underneath at some time and deck lined into 1/2"`planks`.

Spars are wood with bottom of mast in a brass tube that has the word RENSHAW stamped on it. All fittings are brass. removeable keel held on with bolts and wing nuts.

Cotton sails with very fine machine stiching and three battens.

No braine quadrant but a slider is fitted forward of the main horse and a wire with eyes port and starboard thro` the top of the rudder head. (I cannot figure this out)

Appears to breadand butter construction of a darkish hard wood. Deck appears to be pine.

It came with a paper back book MODEL YACHT CONSTRUCTION AND SAILING [priced at 3/6d revised edition 1949 by Lt Col C.E.Bowden A.I.Mech.E.

Any information would be appreciated.



Don't know about the boat but a copy of the book just sold for £12.00 on e-bay - webmaster.

From Russell Potts

I don't recognise the design, but it looks very much as though a 36R design, intended to fit into a 36 x 9 x 11 box has been given overhangs to increase the overall length. The original design didn't come from the Bowden book, which has no designs in it as such, but may relate to one of the 36R designs in one or other of Daniels and Tucker's books of the period. Is the lwl 36?

The detail suggests that it was built by someone who had access to the styles and techniques common to model yachtsmen in the post war period, either from Bowden or D&T, but didn't want to spend on bought in fittings. All the bits and pieces look home brewed, though effective, but he shied away from making a Braine gear. The little bits of wire on the rudder head could have been rigged to gave the same effect as a Braine gear, but with no adjustments of leverage and all the manipulation in the tension of the elastic. The sails are also almost certainly not a professional job.

Worth the trouble of restoration. RP

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