I was given the boat over forty years ago by one of my teachers. I sailed the boat for several years on the pond at St Albans and after I left home my parents stored the yacht in their loft and unfortunately it has dried out considerably (she's of carvel construction on very light framing). I think at some stage she was dropped and I would be interested in knowing of somebody who could carry out a little restoration.

The yacht is called Janison and I was told it belonged to two sisters. I'm also interested in having it valued for insurance purposes.

I guess the sails are original and I'd be interested in re rigging the boat correctly and perhaps occasionally sailing her again.

Length over deck 37"
Draft 7.5"
Beam 9"
Mast height 48.5"

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

VMYG answer: Looks as though it might be a 36R from the late 1930s. Does it fit into the box? Are there any numbers on the sail? There are some elements that suggest that it might be an Alexander, others that suggest it isn't. We really need a shot of the deck layout and fittings to make a better identification.

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