Nigel's Yacht

I brought the yacht about 25 years ago from a friend at school I have all the rigging,sails, fittings and deck. The deck was removed because it was split., The hull has been carved out and is about 4ft long and about 10 inches at the widest point and the mast is about 4ft high. It has a single keel which you can see from the pictures.

The hull is 55.5 inches long
The mast is 65.5 inches long
The width of the hull at the widest point is 11.5 inches.

Written on the main sail, as it has a jib and appears to have a stern sail, is "6m 38".

The things I would like to know is:-

Where could I get it restored to its former glory has I do not have the time to complete myself.

When do you think it was made?

I what do you think the currently value for a restored one would be (not than I am thinking of selling it but to gauge the restoration costs.




Comment from Russell Potts:

It could indeed be a 6-m. If the sail number is right it's very early. We don't have the old register, but I would have thought it must date from the mid 1920s

Comment from JB

Can't help but think that Nigel's Yacht resembles my Alexander 6M (1947)... photos below.


Followup from Russell Potts: There is a strong family resemblance between 6-m, especially between the wars, because of the constraints of the Rule. It could be an Alexander. Without the Register, we can't be certain. Examination of the fittings would help, but Alexander sold fittings as well as putting them on the boats he built.
If it is an early 6-m its restored value might be in the region of £800-1000.

From Graham Reeves: At 55.5" long this may be an 18 footer re-registered as a 6 metre. 55.5" is a bit short for a Alexander 6 metre. Also I think most of the Alex 6's had a larger fin than Nigels boat

JB I think Nigel's is an Alex for a couple of reasons, but also because the mast base in the hull absolutely resembles mine. I think that the scan of my Alex 6M plan proves that those boats could have been around 55 inches, by the way!

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