VMYG Meeting Clapham March 2007


A fine bright Sunday saw a good turn out for this first meeting of the 2007 season with in the order of 80 boats on the bankside and some enthusiastic young sailors. Crisp, with a wind from the SW verging on the strong side for a number of the smaller and more delicate vessels, a good day's sailing was had nonetheless and a number of new boats made a welcome appearance.



Some of the boats included a number which distinctly challenged, including the Chairman's excellent Balmain Bug, clearly in need of some further work on balance however, as well as John Gale's M 'Hurricane' seen in the front of the photo, a flat bottomed single chined ply 'vintage' design by Stollery for the builder, which promises to be very fast indeed when a water deep enough can be found for her! K930 the Club's Marblehead beautifully restored by John made a good showing in the breezy conditions ploughing a furrow up and down the lake, her original vane holding a good course.



Martin Lightfoot brought this attractive vessel with splendid deck cleats and prominent features; her ancestry was not immediately apparent (but there's something French about her I'm convinced) and when got up should look good on the water. His great lugger did impressive reaches across the water.





Jasper's 'Jingle' seems to look ever more beautiful with age as does Graham Knight's cutter. 'Jingle' was at times hard pressed in her top suit and excitingly gybed and thrashed on occasions as if under radio control; or perhaps none.