Sweet Annemy

My father was given this yacht in 1925 by an Ayrshire donor living near Troon. It has been badly re-rigged. Could you provide correct rigging and sail plan or perhaps recommend somebody living in East anglia who would take on the job?


Height 41"
Length 26"
Width 6"

Any thoughts information etc would be most welcome. AJ

Comment from Russell Potts 
A commercial superior toy boat? A home brewed non class yacht? I'm not sure.
It appears to have a loose footed jib with twin sheets as in full size practice. Replace this with a boomed jib so that it will tack automatically when the boat is turned.
The picture is so murky that I can't see whether there is any steering gear, though the bits of string on the deck suggest that there may have been a Braine gear there. (Looking at the other pictures which I have not published due to quality problems I don't think there was any Braine gear - Webmaster) If so it wants to be rigged as in the drawings in the How to do it section. On the other hand they may be the jib sheets. The sail number is clearly spurious. There were no Norwegian 12-metres, either full size or model.

If anyone is interested in taking on the job of restoration please e-mail me and I will pass the message on to the owner.