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Redwing sailing boats Link
Web Links Page Link
2013 sailing programme Link
Grand Festival of Sail Link
New items in, "Where to get it" Link
Vintage Class Rules, opening page re-written Link
About Us, re-written Link
Pout Cup 2011 Link

05 Decl 2011

2012 Sailing Programme avilable.Programme

13 July 2011

New items on What Is It Pages
1913 MYRA Trophy
Additional information on the Programme page.
An Addendum to the Linear Rating Rule

12 April 2011

New items on What Is It Pages

27 Nov 2010

2011 Programme downloadable on Programme page

27 July 2010

Spook mystery yacht identified and for sale

13 July 2010

Report on Hewlett and Pout trophies

14 June 2010

New A class with a difference for sale
New teaser on front page and answers for previous ones here

1 Aprl 2010

Work on Rick Pond 
Some Pathé News clips of A Class racing
Two new what is it?
New teaser on front page and answers for previous ones here

20Feb 2010 Two boats for sale. Plans list updated. Details of Albatross yachts
7 Feb 2010 Five new boats in "What is it"
18 Jan 2010 More items on where to get it
9 Jan 2010 Meeting Report Xmas on the Rick

12 Dec 2009

New 'what is it?'
Highlander for sale

25 Nov 2009

2010 Programme available to download

17 Oct 2009

Several changes in the "For Sale " section. Please note that I don't usually put a note here about this section as it changes so regularly, please check the page whenever you visit the site.

The Small boat powered models section has had several updates.

The front page picture is now being changed regularly with Anthony Warren providing a picture of a boat for you to identify. The answer is given on the linked page when the picture is replaced.

22 Aug 2009

More boats in "For Sale "
New section in Small boat on powered models, article on Bowman rubber powered boat.

14 July 2009

Three excellent large class boats in "For Sale "

25 June 2009

Star Yachts wanted and for sale in "For Sale "

Important change to programme 16 August

7 June 2009

Revisions to programme and 2008 review added

27 May 2009

Two new boats in "For Sale "

15 May 2009

New "what is it" Various faulty links repaired. New item in how to do it
New small boat section - Winford

29 April 2009 New "what is it"
27 April 2009 New main menu items, .Under 'home' - site search. Under 'resources' - how to do it and where to get it . The 'Designer's Scrapbook has been scrapped and the material placed as appropriate under the two new pages.
16 Feb 2009 New biography of Arthur Levison
16 Feb 2009 New What-is-it boat MY80. Back issues of Turning Pole available
10 Feb 2009 New article on the First international Rule
28 Dec 2008 2009 Sailing Programme here

26 Nov 2008

Pond Yacht for sale.

5 Nov 2007

Alexander 10 rater sails SOLD.

15 Oct 2007

10 rater - to be seen on "Antiques Roadshow" for sale.

19 July2007

Daniels and Tucker book and D&T designed 36R Midge for sale. More items to follow.
Page error on programme corrected and details of MYSA event added.
Vane designs and instructions in plans section

15 July2007

"What is it?" indexes corrected. 2 new boats added.

14 July2007

There seems to be a problem with the "what is it?" indexes. I will sort this and add some new boats shortly. Please let me know if you spot any missing or corrupt pages. webmaster

14 Feb 2007

New book

3 April 2007

Report on Clapham 07

14 Feb 2007

New book

10 December 2007

Two new boarts to identify.
2007 VMYG and Hampton Court Programmes
More boats for sale

9 Aug 2006

The previous email addresses of the chairman and webmaster have been changed due to the volume of offensive spam. The only functioning links will now be found on the contact us page

21 Aug 2006

New boat for sale

9 July 2006

Newbury Model Boat Festival news 
New boats for sale

15 May 2006

Rick Pond: Pictures from the past
Sugg details revised with new information

18 April 2006

For sale: Priest designed Marblehead

27 March 2006

Marblehead for auction and 6 metre for sale
A positive fleet of new boats for identification
New pictures in Daniels Biography
Report and pictures from Clapham meeting
Programme for 2006 now available on web page as well as pdf download

28 Jan 2006

2006 programme and Gosport Vane A details here
Christmas on the Rick report and photos from Anthony Warren 
Useful small boat display stand design from Nigel Hancock in Designers Sketchbook
Two new boats for identification

13 Dec 2005

Mystery Yachts: Updates and three boats
Classic boats - Henry Harvey's Cutter
Sketch your boat Books

22 Oct 2005

Mystery Yachts: Updates and new boat
What we sail additions
Can you identify this boating lake?

3 Oct 2005

Mystery Yachts: Several new boats to identiify
10R for sale (needs slight attention)

21 Sept 2005

Events: Full report of weekend at Round Pond Kensington

1 Aug2005

Events: UK/US meeting report and results now available. More photos of Gosport to follow 
Photos from the 10R day at the Round Pond Kensington
Three new yachts to identify  
About us: - Details of new VMYG yacht burgee and downloadable copy of our newsletter "The Turning Pole " 
Ailsa page in small boat section updated with new information and pictures

7 July 2005

UK/US meeting report
Three new yachts to identify    
Due to totally underwhelming interest the News Service and Members Forum has been discontinued

29 May 2005

HCMYC Open A meeting report
Two new yachts to identify
Location information for VMYG venues

15 May 2005

News Service and Forum launched

5 May 2005

New details on Kylecraft in the small boat section
Plan for Wampum
Help wanted to identify two boating lakes
Photos from Basingstoke and Broomfield meetings
SIX new boats on the What is it index

16 April 2005

Major reorganisation of internal website file structure. This should not affect end users but please report any broken or incorrect links. You may need to click the reload button on your browser and reset bookmarks (Firefox etc) or favorites (Internet Explorer) if you have visited the site before. If you haven't tried the search facility give it a go - it seems very effective

There are some slight changes to menus, for example Small Boat Section is now a submenu option under Resources

FIVE new boats on the What is it index

7 April 2005

News Secretary's retirement presentation. Wicksteed Park Model Boat Lake reopens
New cutter Graham Knight's beutifully built new cutter - photo

2 April 2005

Toy Boats More pages in our guide to Commercial and Toy Yacht Makers
"What is it" Two new boats

31 March 2005

Toy Boats More pages in our guide to Commercial and toy Yacht Makers (including some ebay auction prices)
For sale Scow Hull
Search engine Site wide search facility

30 March 2005

Toy Boats The first pages in our guide to Commercial and toy Yacht Makers (including some ebay auction prices)
Braine Gear A guide to the construction of Braine Gear

9 Feb 2005

Twin fin mystery boat found on skip
Panopy 6 metre for sale.

6 Feb2005

Xmas on the Rick - new photos
Dainty - renovation advice and history of 1925 yacht

27 Jan 2005

2005 programme
New boat for sale

16 Jan 2005

Three mystery yachts
Report on Xmas on the Rick.
Details of US/UK challenge meetings.

29 Nov 2004

Replies for two mystery yachts.

19 Nov 2004

Two new yachts to identify 
Yacht for sale

13 Nov 2004

Model Boats in the Context of Maritime Archaeology
What-is-it update on family yacht

31 Oct 2004

Photos of Broomfield and Clapham VMYG meetings
Tucker design Marblehead for sale
Albertine, very attractive yacht to 8 metre rule

24 Oct 2004

Unusual miniature paper boat for comment.

9 Oct 2004

For sale Information needed on missing classic yacht. Also pond yacht for sale  
Two new mystery yachts.

4 Oct 2004

For sale list updated

19 Sep 2004

Four more mystery boats including an important yacht from Denmark
Aberdeen Boat identification

7 Sep 2004

New mystery boat found in an Aberdeen shed
10R hull
for sale with an impressive record

3 Sep 2004

New mystery boat bought for RG's fleet
Additional material on History of Model Racing Rules

28 Aug 2004

New mystery boat hull bought on e-bay

27 Aug 2004

The VMYG site has moved to a new host. Please report any problems to webmaster. Any bookmarks, shortcuts or favourites pointing to the site other than those using the address will still point to the old site and be redirected. Please delete any such addresses. More information on Regatta and corrections to Rick Pond meeting - full report to follow. Curved Air Press book list now available on line.

25 Aug 2004

Two new boats for comment and advice - Tucker designed Marblehead and a toy boat for sale in a Cornish Antique shop

22 Aug 2004

Information and restoration advice sought on toy boat Regatta Link to and plan of 1920's D class Waterwitch added

14 Aug 2004

Rick Pond photos and some photos by Voile magazine of Round Pond last year.Updates on mystery boats and a review of Yankee lll . Programme update

4 Aug 2004

New mystery boats for identification: Janison and a 36 inch yacht from the USA

28 July 2004

Photos of Round Pond meeting 17-18 July
Details of forthcoming Rick Pond Meeting
New "What-is-it boat?" Sweet Annemy

20 July 2004 New 'what-is-it?" boat Nigel's Yacht
13 July 2004 New 'what-is-it?" boat Heather Dew - identified as an Alexanders of Preston model
10 July 2004

New 'what-is-it?" boat Henrietta - more information sought
Star look-alike yacht - preliminary identiification

14 June 2004

Report and pictures from Gosport
Star look-alike yacht - more information sought

4 June 2004

New 'what-is-it' boat Gaff yacht
Details of Earl Boebert's new book
More boats for sale

31 May 2004

Designers Sketchbook added to Plans section

27 May 2004

Separate 'About Us' and membership form added

26 May 2004

Owl goes sailing

22 May 2004

C1900 twin fin yacht for sale
Reading yachts lines extract from D&T 'Model Sailing Craft'

18 May 2004

New 'what-is-it' boat Twin fin yacht

13 May 2004

New 'what-is-it' boat W384

11 May 2004

Plans for Prospero

7 May 2004

Identification of Owl
Plans for Xmuna

5 May 2004

Pictures added to Daniels Biography
Update button added to Index page

2 May 2004

New what-is it-boat "Owl" added
Parts 1 and 2 of Rules history added 
New picture on Vectis page
Biography of William Daniels

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